rosa rugosa

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All roses are edible. Rose petals can be added to salads or sprinkled on desserts, used as edible decorations and made into tea. Darker ones have more flavor. Be sure to remove the bitter white portion of the petals. Different types and colors have quite different tastes In India, they dry the petals, grind them into powder and then use the powder in everything, but you can eat the petals fresh straight off the plant. Rose Hips, At the base of the flower is a “hip”, a red cranberrylooking thing. Rosehips are a famously super high source of vitamin C, riboflavins and antioxidants, also used to help with constipation.
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SIMPLY LOVELY: Rosa Rugosa is a jewel of a plant in any garden.
1], procyanidine B-3, rosamultin, (+)-catechin, methyl gallate, gallic acid and quercetin-3-O-[beta]-D-galactoside from Rosa rugosa (Young et al.
For flower-rich hedges go for Rosa rugosa or Fuchsia.
And although it's illegal to insert broken glass into cement on the top of your wall, a hedge of very prickly plants such as pyracantha, holly, mahonia, hawthorn, berberis, gorse or Rosa rugosa is legal.
The dark red flowers of Fuchsia and the lovely deep orange berries on the Rosa rugosa,and the now bare stems of Dogwood, make for a lovely display.
The Fragrant Collection (one each of Rosa Rugosa (above left), Rosa Rugosa Alba, Oregon Grape, Jasmine and Lilac).
Rosa rugosa is turning acid yellow, a good foil for the fat tomato-shaped heps.
Among the most effective plants are pyracantha, common hawthorn, rosa rugosa rubra, holly, berberis Julianae and rambling rose.
For flower-rich hedges go for Rosa rugosa or Fuchsia, their attractive, colourful blooms will be a source of pleasure every year.
SOME of the roses are ideal, especially rosa rugosa with screaming pink flowers followed by tomato-shaped, reddish orange hips.
The Rosa rugosa was one of the best and by careful prunthis lovely plant will flower from June to the frosts.
Janine Langley, by email CAROL: There are famous rose hedges made from Rosa Mundi with pink and white flowers, but I think cultivars of Rosa rugosa would be your best bet.