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with the $39 million Rouge River Community Credit Union in Sparta, Mich.
45 million partially finances modifications of the Rouge River Outfall to achieve complete disinfection of all wet-weather flows from the Water Resource Recovery Facility, formerly known as the Wastewater Treatment Plant, located in the City of Detroit.
Army Corps of Engineers for a dredging project on the Rouge River to deepen the channel to 25 feet," says John Loftus, executive director of the Port of Detroit.
Their episodic adventures on Toronto's Rouge River have an Odyssean tone (with bikini-clad teens and a cougar mom standing in for sirens and Circe).
Community resistance stopped the development, and 2,000 hectares in the Rouge River Valley were turned over to the province for parkland.
And so the routine would go: four hours on, eight hours off, weekends included, as the ship made its way back and forth between Superior, Wisconsin or Marquette and Ford's Rouge River complex in Dearborn.
crowned the new queen at the Baton Rouge River Center in Louisiana on June 8.
Indeed, the Detroit performance featured the wreckage of a car (a 1967 Chrysler Crown Imperial, a ride familiar from the final installment of the artist's Cremaster cycle) first dredged from the Rouge River and then sacrificed to a smelter; the show's title work and centerpiece is built around artifacts produced by that industrial transubstantiation.
of Michigan-Dearborn) have studied contaminants affecting land and water within the heavily urbanized Rouge River watershed of southeast Michigan and published more than 30 papers from that research.
The city of Dearborn, M I, held a public meeting in June to propose sewer separation work to stop wastewater discharges in the Rouge River during heavy rains or spring thaw.
At the eastern edge of greater Toronto, the Rouge River winds through wetlands abundant with birdlife--herons and egrets, mallards and teals, wrens and bitterns, kingfishers and sandpipers--before finding Rouge Beach and Lake Ontario.
A disproportionate percentage of Rouge River constituents who are employed rely on public transportation as their primary mode of transportation to and from work, particularly women.