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Nicholas. 1674--1718, English dramatist, who produced the first critical edition of Shakespeare; poet laureate (1715--18). His plays include Tamerlane (1702) and The Fair Penitent (1703)


(Results-Only Work Environment) An approach to managing employees from CultureRx ( that emphasizes results. Founded by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, former managers at Best Buy, where ROWE was introduced, CultureRx is based on their book "Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It."

In a ROWE, there is no set time or place. Employees work when and where they wish as long as the work gets done. Obviously, this is not for sales clerks at retail counters, who must always be present; however, flextime, telecommuting and mobile technologies can turn countless 9-to-5 jobs into a results-only environment. See telecommuting.
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The Perrin & Rowe portfolio of products is core to the ROHL portfolio," said Lou Rohl, CEO and managing partner, ROHL.
Accompanying the Vatican decision was a letter to Rowe from Msgr.
During the trial it emerged there was an altercation between Rowe and a police officer outside court at an earlier hearing.
30am Paul Wood was opening up the restaurant on Byram Street when he noticed Rowe standing close by.
One of the friends, Charles Wootton, said he had known Ian Rowe for 20 years.
Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP is recognized throughout the New Jersey business community as one of its major law firms.
At this point, Rowe and Soloway--joined by producer Becky Thyre of HBO's Mr.
Rowe argues that apart from the production of theatrical features, the "main contribution Canada has made to the world of film is structures and institutions like multiplex theatre chains, IMAX and the idea of financing films through public offerings and tax shelters.
It is not known if Rowe has relinquished her parental rights to the two children.
The shooting happened after Rowe became angry with the victim when he ordered Rowe's boyfriend off the property, evidence indicated.
Rowe is the CEO of iMar, an "insiders' market" that brings consumers, experiences, and services together via the Web.
Quickness, quality and prices are important," Rowe said.