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Nicholas. 1674--1718, English dramatist, who produced the first critical edition of Shakespeare; poet laureate (1715--18). His plays include Tamerlane (1702) and The Fair Penitent (1703)


(Results-Only Work Environment) An approach to managing employees from CultureRx ( that emphasizes results. Founded by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, former managers at Best Buy, where ROWE was introduced, CultureRx is based on their book "Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It."

In a ROWE, there is no set time or place. Employees work when and where they wish as long as the work gets done. Obviously, this is not for sales clerks at retail counters, who must always be present; however, flextime, telecommuting and mobile technologies can turn countless 9-to-5 jobs into a results-only environment. See telecommuting.
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Rowe said Braxton informed him he intends to appeal the reversal of the suspension.
Accompanying the Vatican decision was a letter to Rowe from Msgr.
When police turned up Rowe was out, but his partner rang him and passed the phone to DC Helen McKay.
Following the brief conversation Rowe handed himself in at Clifford Street Police Station in the belief he was going to receive a caution from officers.
Mr Rowe continued to be abusive, shouting: 'This is my church, I'll kill you, I'll get you done for this'.
Judge Mallon was told that Rowe admitted two charges of failing to surrender to court.
It is possible that Rowe could double up on track and road for Wales at the Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast, which start on April 4.
Police had issued warnings about a man called Daryll Rowe who was infecting people with HIV in the Brighton area and stories had appeared in the national press.
Rowe is seen in a lush field in an orange party dress (a statement that this work was not meant for her), bending over with a tool in her hand and a cotton-sack on her back in the shape of a vulnerable woman.
Acarospora hilaris (Dufour) Arnold--Al: Egea & Llimona (1981a, b, 1983, 1987); Ca: Rowe & Egea (1986, 1988); *Co: MACB 103151; H: Rowe & Egea (1987a); J: Crespo et al.
Unlike amatory fictions, fairy tales are not about sexual competition and female powerlessness: in them, women "maintain autonomy and preservation of a lifestyle" (104), and by invoking them Rowe avoids the insistence on "heterosexual love as the basis of happiness and marriage as closure" (109).
The insider said that Rowe and Katherine are friendly and want to respect the King of Pop's will.