Rowlandson, Mary

Rowlandson, Mary (b. White)

(c. 1635–post-1678) frontier captive; born in England. Her family emigrated to Massachusetts in 1653 and she married Joseph Rowlandson in 1656. She had four children. In 1675, during King Philip's War, Indians attacked Lancaster, Mass., and carried off Mary and three of her children. She survived three months in captivity and met King Philip, the Indian leader. She and two surviving children were ransomed (1676) and the Rowlandson family moved to Connecticut. Her account of her captivity, The Soveraignty & Goodness of God… (1682), went through 30 editions and remains a classic of the colonial-frontier literary genre of "captivity" accounts.
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Rowlandson, Mary Rowlandson was shot and captured by Indians during an attack on the settlement in 1676, while her husband and other men were in Boston to seek the protection of troops.