Ruiz, Juan

Ruiz, Juan

(hwän ro͞oēth`), 1283?–1350?, Spanish poet, musician, and archpriest of Hita. Ruiz suffered 13 years in prison, during which time he revised his masterpiece, El Libro de buen amor (c.1330, tr. The Book of Good Love, 1933). This is a miscellany in verse of fables; autobiographic adventures in the picaresque style; and adaptations of medieval, classical, and Arab stories and apologues—all forming a vivid and unified satirical panorama of medieval society. He is considered the Spanish Chaucer.

Ruiz, Juan


(nicknamed Archpriest of Hita). Born 1283 in Alcalá de Henares(?); died circa 1350. Spanish poet.

Ruiz wrote the narrative poem Book of Sweet Love (1343), which showed him to be a forerunner of Renaissance literature in Spain. The work is written in the form of an autobiographical story about amorous adventures, illustrated by fables, parables, and allegories. A conflict between asceticism and sensuality underlies the entire work. Ruiz depicted Spanish society soberly and satirically and created brilliant character types.


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In Russian translation:
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