a city in Valmiera Raion, Latvian SSR. Situated on the Rūja River, 170 km northeast of Riga. Railroad station on a branch of the Pärnu-Türi line. The city produces butter and knitwear.

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Kontaktpunkts(-I): Raina Iela 3, Rujiena, Rujienas Novads
Implementing agency : Rujienas Novada Pavaldiba, 90009115162
The day after Latvia joined the euro zone he visited Rujiena in order to meet then-President Berzins and buy some ice cream in a clearly contrived PR scoop (geddit?
Pabst expressed his doubts that Ovele might be associated with Oleri (located north-east of Lake Burtnieks), or with Omuli (situated between Rujiena and Valka).
Endzelins, the entry kdrki includes the name of Karkli Manor, as well as the names of old holdings kdrkeni (also the mill, kdrkenu dzirnavas) located near Rujiena.
Contract award notice: food delivery rujiena municipality social care center "lode".
Grocery delivery Rujiena municipality social care center "Lode".
Total quantity or scope: Purchase of diesel Smiltene Bus Station 240 000 liters per year, Valka bus station 110 000 liters per year, Rujiena bus station at 270 000 liters per year.
Contract notice: Food delivery rujienas municipality social care center "lode".
Grocery delivery Rujienas municipality social care center Lode.