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, rhumba
1. a rhythmic and syncopated Cuban dance in duple time
2. a ballroom dance derived from this
3. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance



a ballroom dance of Mexican origin using elements of Cuban folk dance with a sharply syncopated rhythm. The rumba became popular in the late 1920’s in the USA and Western Europe. The musical measure is 4/4, and the tempo is moderate with a sharp increase in the last part.


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Although always associated with Cuba, rumba rhythms are thought to have originated in Africa.
Hip-hop and rumba rhythms also have influenced timba.
The Ipanemas, Wilson Des Neves and Neco, are the granddaddies of bossa nova, the late 1950s reworking of the samba tradition in conjunction with the sinuous bolero and rumba rhythms and mood of jazz.
Material from the original album as well as solo efforts from Gonzalez, 80, and Ferrer, 72, kept the audience enthralled, especially when the bands, featuring such superb soloists as bassist Orlando ``Cachaito'' Lopez and trumpeter Manuel ``El Guajiro'' Mirabal, let loose with sizzling, hip-shaking rumba rhythms.