Russian Orthodox Church

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Russian Orthodox Church:

see Orthodox Eastern ChurchOrthodox Eastern Church,
community of Christian churches whose chief strength is in the Middle East and E Europe. Their members number some 300 million worldwide. The Orthodox agree doctrinally in accepting as ecumenical the first seven councils (see council, ecumenical) and in
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The author makes a clear distinction when she talks about what she refers to as groups that use a politicized form of religion that can be based loosely on Orthodoxy, and the official Russian Orthodox Church (with a focus on the Moscow Patriarchate).
At the same time, the Russian Orthodox Church will be able to offer its course called "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture.
Over 90 percent of the Orthodox believers are in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church, which is the second largest Christian church in the world.
THE Russian Orthodox Church will take over a derelict cemetery chapel in Wirral which was plagued by vandalism.
Although similar in concept and veneration of the figure, the Roman Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church worship very differently, and author Sergius Bulgakov does well in explaining this branch of Christianity that is foreign to many readers.
This icon was reproduced in the millions prior to the 1917 Russian Revolution, and became a potent symbol of the faith of the Russian Orthodox Church and of national unity and pride.
The Russian Orthodox Church has chosen Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad as its interim leader.
Meanwhile, Cuba's first and only Russian Orthodox church was consecrated during a ceremony in October, as a further sign of improving ties between Moscow and Havana.
Patriarch Alexei II of the Russian Orthodox Church blessed the bells and, in an address to dignitaries and Orthodox Christians who had thronged to the Sept.
Boris Nikolayevich strove to maintain good relations between the state authorities and the Church," Patriarch Alexei II of the Russian Orthodox Church stated.
Putin, who visited on Tuesday the Baptism site, said the Russian government will fund the construction of a guest house on the designated land, which will be supervised by the Russian Orthodox Church.
Speaking yesterday at a Kremlin event attended by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Yury Luzhkov again lambasted gay and lesbian groups and also accused Western countries of facing a crisis of religious faith and corrupting children.

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