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Well, I am not a great authority on literary questions, but I certainly do hold that Russian literature is not Russian, except perhaps Lomonosoff, Pouschkin and Gogol.
There was a desk for his secretary, now vacant, and beyond, in the shadows of the apartment, winged bookcases which held a collection of editions de luxe, first editions, and a great collection of German and Russian literature, admittedly unique.
This is not the first such project " Bernard " , the largest publisher of Russian literature and spiritual prose in Serbia and the region over the past ten years.
Scholars of Russian and English literature analyze the lectures Nabokov delivered on European and Russian literature, mainly at the universities of Wellesley and Cornell, between 1941 and 1959.
They highlighted the different aspects of Dr Najam's translations from Russian literature to Urdu including the biography of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Program participants - students, graduate students and young professionals between the ages of 18 to 30 years - with the help of gaming and interactive forms introduce foreign students to the Russian language, culture and literature, as well as increase the literacy and popularize the domestic Russian literature among children and youth," he said.
Russell Scott Valentino (professor and chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Indiana University of Bloomington) presents The Woman in the Window: Commerce, Consensual Fantasy, and the Quest for Masculine Virtue in the Russian Novel, a literary analysis that presents a new way to examine the construction of virtue as depicted in Russian literature.
Very highly recommended for personal, community, and academic library Russian Literature collections and supplemental reading lists.
UN Russian Language Day coincides with the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, a Russian poet who is considered the father of modern Russian literature.
Professor of Russian Literature and Culture of the University of Tromso, Andrei Rogatchevski talks to Zakhar Prilepin about his sensational novel Sankya and discusses peculiarities of a new Russian novel with Eugeny Vodolazkin.
Marina Sarieddine, responsible for the Russian language department at the Center, discussed the life of the poets, "who did not only enrich Russian literature, but also literature worldwide".
Her poems, scholarly articles and translations of French and Russian literature have appeared in magazines and journals including Poetry, National Review, Mezzo Cammin, and The Hudson Review.

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