Russkaia Mysl

Russkaia Mysl’


(Russian Thought), a scientific, literary, and political journal published monthly in Moscow between 1880 and 1918. The publisher was V. M. Lavrov, and the editors (from 1885) were V. A. Gol’tsev and M. N. Remezov.

The journal was a moderately liberal publication sympathetic to Narodnichestvo (Populism). After Otechestvennye zapiski (Notes of the Fatherland) was shut down (1884), Russkaia mysl’ began publishing V. G. Korolenko, V. M. Garshin, A. N. Pleshcheev, and N. E. Karonin-Petropavlovskii. After the Revolution of 1905–07, it became the organ of the Constitutional Democratic Party (Cadets), with P. B. Struve and A. A. Kizevetter as editors. The journal was hostile to the October Revolution of 1917, and it was shut down by the Soviet government.


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Anton Chekhov evoked the new mood in his The Island of Sakhalin, which was serialized in Russkaia mysl (Russian Thought) in 1893-94.