S-N curve

stress-number curve

In fatigue testing, a curve showing the relation between the value of stress and the number of cycles at that value of stress required to produce failure in the test specimen.
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the log number of cycles-to-failure resulted in a linear S-N curve.
This implied that once the MOR was known for a given wood composite, its S-N curve could be determined.
Figure 5 also shows the S-N curve for the specimens containing the weld line.
For comparison, the S-N curve for the unnotched L-direction specimen is also shown.
Experimental Verification of the Analytical Method for Estimated S-N Curve in Limited Fatigue Life
Applying a Stepwise Load for Calculation of the S-N Curve for Trabecular Bone Based on the Linear Hypothesis for Fatigue Damage Accumulation
Fatigue strength versus life is a stress-life curve, also called an S-N curve.
Regression of the fatigue data of stress-level (the percentage of the static shear strength) versus the log number of cycles-to-failure resulted in a linear S-N curve.
Standard S-N curves for both load and stress amplitude are obtained from the test data.
Appropriate S-N curves are presented for the assessment of the fatigue strength of different materials.
After an introduction, chapter two introduces the constant amplitude database, which contains results obtained in test conditions and which forms the basis of the basic S-N curves for various types of joint.