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A video format offering a higher quality signal than composite video, but a lower quality than component video. This mid-level format divides the signal into two channels - luminance and chrominance.


(Super-video) An analog color video format that combines the three YUV video signals into two channels. Brightness/luma (Y) is in one channel, and color/chroma (U and V) are in another. S-video provides a sharper image than composite video, but is not as good as component video. See S-VHS, YUV, composite video and component video.

S-video and Composite Connections
Like composite video, S-video connectors are widely used on VCRs, DVD players and receivers. The audio for both composite video and S-video uses common left/right stereo connections.

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how S-video, composite and component video signals are related.
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The connection package includes: two sets of RCA audio output jacks, one composite video jack, a component video output, S-Video output, optical and coaxial digital output jack, and headphone jack with volume control.
The S-video enhancement to FlexCam provides a crisper, sharper image with more vivid colors.
Featuring 2,000 ANSI lumens and a 4:3 aspect ratio, the TLP-SOU was designed with educators and business pros in mind and boasts a host of multimedia features, including composite and S-video inputs and an internal speaker that enables users to liven up presentations.
Both are HDTV compatible with direct YpbPr/component, S-Video and composite video inputs.
To ensure high-quality digital video reproduction, 12-bit/216MHz video DAC, digital filters and digital noise reduction technologies are included, as well as Composite, S-Video and Component analog video output terminals.
It features XGA resolution, and it is HDTV compatible with direct YpbPr/component, S-Video and composite video inputs, as well as RS232 control port and two PC inputs.
For receiving IPTV video services, the HD Freebox contains an SD and HD decoder -- a DTT tuner which can be used to access the 18 DTT channels, including TF1 and M6, SCART, S-Video and composite S-video connectors, an HDMI connector to connect an HD-Ready television, an S/P-DIF and digital audio output to connect a hi-fi, and three antennas for wireless connection to the ADSL box.
The technology offers the ability to fine-tune image colors as well as use computers, laptops, S-video, component video and HDTV for display.
The 2400MP and 1200MP deliver great value that goes beyond just price with included features such as a drop-tested carrying case, full featured remote control and extensive connectivity including PC support, S-video, composite video, component (HDTV) video and RS-232 connectors.
06 transfers audio and/or video from any AV or S-Video playback device to the designated playback media or device in real time without going through the computer's hard drive.
The dual quad multiplexer outputs are available as Composite, S-Video, and VGA signals for connecting directly to computer display monitors such as plasmas or LCD screens.