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At present, because of discrepancies between policy and practice, fewer than 100 SASL interpreters are officially registered in SA.
PanSALB is of the view that SASL like any other official language is a fundamental human right that should be treated equally.
There they will be welcome with an Apero courtesy of SASL, followed by a traditional dinner.
The volunteers who made presentations were those assigned to SASL under JICA's volunteer dispatch programme.
Como sucesores directos de este lenguaje, pueden contarse SASL, Miranda y ML.
Es uno de los protocolos dedicados unicamente a la seguridad en Jabber basado en SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer).
The MD Store messaging server based on IMAP4 and SASL and the MD Switch, a high-volume message transfer agent supporting both Internet Mail (SMTP/MIME) and X.
Although there has been no announcement, it is clear that SASL will make new versions of its low-level speech coders, modems and echo canceler applications available for the StarCore DSPs that Motorola and Lucent Technologies are creating, and which will initially use Motorola's M-Core instruction set.
According to a source, SASL managing director Sushanto Roy himself has sent letters to the BCCI, reminding it to expedite appointing the arbitrator to resolve the long- standing issue.
The second half of the book addresses SQL servers, Cyrus SASL, OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, and performance tuning.