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0Gb/s SATA II slots on motherboard for up to 3 x 2.
5" form factor and an integrated SATA II interface and come bundled with Acronis True Image software to offer users an advanced set of backup and recovery options, the company said.
Housed in a compact desktop form factor, the system supports up to six SATA II hard drives via six Lockable, hat-swappable disk trays, and features dual redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports for failover protection and three USB 2.
The XRS10L220 provides the combined advantages of a SATA II port selector and port multiplier implementations at 3.
It is capable of supporting both SATA II and SAS drives with drive capacities of up to 1TB each.
The E-9422R ($11,799) is a 1U midrange server with four integrated network interface cards and room for four hot-swap SAS or SATA II hard drives.
Storage services to meet the required performance are supported by three eight-port AMCC 3ware 9550SX SATA II RAID controllers, with eight SATA II disks per card.
a leader in storage solutions, has announced that all Adaptec SAS and SATA II IOP-based RAID products now come standard with four unique advanced data protection features including industry leading RAID 6 technology, multi-level array support and array manageability software for increased reliability, performance and data recovery.
The external connectivity option available with SATA II creates the possibility for a very portable and highly robust external tape drive, much like USB.
Silicon Image's SiI 3132 with SATA II capability and the accompanying SATA Raid software enable us to offer high-end features that our customer base demands such as Native Command Queuing and 3 Gb/s signaling," said Jerry Shen, VP of R&D at ASUS.
Kano Technologies adds SATA II performance to their portfolio of innovative storage products with the X-SPAND PRO, a family of external SATA II storage systems with up to 1.
0 PHY and device controller, SATA II PHY, internal voltage regulator, and masked program ROM supporting non-differentiated applications.