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(1) See single board computer and server-based computing.

(2) (SubBand Codec) The mandatory codec in Bluetooth's A2DP profile, which supports transmitting MP3 stereo music from Bluetooth devices to amplifiers and speakers. The SBC codec uses the psychoacoustic model to transcode an MP3 file to SBC by removing more music data. See Bluetooth audio and psychoacoustic model.

(3) (SubBand Coding) The common psychoacoustic method used to compress digital music. See subband coding.

(4) (Session Border Controller) A device that manages real-time voice and video calling. Residing at the edge of the network, a session border controller (SBC) provides levels of security, control and quality of service (QoS) for VoIP and IP video sessions.

(5) (SBC Communications Inc., San Antonio, TX, A national telecommunications company that grew from a multitude of local and regional companies, including Southwestern Bell, Pacific Bell and Nevada Bell, into a single, unified brand by 2002. SBC was a major provider of high-speed DSL Internet access, claiming 57 million nationwide access lines in 2003. The company also owned 60 percent of Cingular Wireless, the second largest wireless company in the U.S. In 2005, SBC merged with AT&T, the former parent of the original companies that made up SBC. See AT&T.
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SBC has extensive experience in managing DSL networks, lowering operating costs, and continuously improving performance for its customers.
Ford's Q1 Award was presented in recognition of a nearly 20-year relationship with the SBC family of companies.
Senate members, who late last week passed a significant education-funding bill for 2006, the SBC Foundation today announced that it will provide $5 million to the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP) to fund college access support programs for students from low-income communities across the country.
With the help of SBC companies, our staff will be able to increase productivity and improve patient care thorough our new IP-based network.
During the two-month trial, which concluded last month, SBC companies successfully delivered Internet Protocol (IP)-based TV programming, video-on-demand (VOD), high-speed Internet access and other features to employee households in San Antonio.
I applaud SBC companies and Operation HOPE for investing in the Cyber Cafe and helping Oakland residents to seize the economic opportunities that rightfully belong in our city," said Jerry Brown, mayor of the city of Oakland.
The SBC family of companies is the first telecommunications company to deliver an IP-based monitoring solution incorporating NetBotz technology.
We are excited about the opportunity to expand our relationship with The Golden 1 Credit Union," said Bob Ferguson, group president and CEO of SBC Enterprise Business Services.
This agreement is a significant step in SBC's continuing effort to build solutions around consumers' lifestyles," said John Stankey, SBC senior executive vice president - chief technology officer.
SBC Excelerator is a major philanthropic initiative that connects the nation's neediest residents, including at-risk youth and underserved urban families, to important technology resources, such as Internet access and training.
In addition, SBC companies will deliver SBC PremierSERV(SM) Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service, enabling high-speed communication and data transfer with customers and suppliers throughout the United States.