SD formats

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SD formats

Following is a summary of standard-definition analog and digital video formats, which provide up to 480 lines of resolution in the North American market (576 lines in other countries). These formats are captured on camcorders and transferred to the computer via cassette or downloading. They reach the user via the Internet, broadcast TV, satellite TV, cable TV or DVD. In addition to editing the content, there are often one or more format conversions between the video capture and the final viewing format. See DTV and codec examples.

More Encoding Variables in Digital Video
Unlike analog formats, which are tied to specific NTSC and PAL resolutions and frame rates, there are many more encoding variables in digital formats, especially in HD formats (for more details, see video format). For high-definition video formats, see HD formats.

Analog SD Formats

Betacam/Betacam SP
Professional 1/2" videotape version of Sony's Betamax consumer format. Betacam SP improved resolution. See Betacam.

First consumer 1/2" videotape format from Sony. See Betamax.

High-resolution 8mm videotape from Sony. See Hi8.

Most popular consumer 1/2" videotape format, developed by JVC. See VHS.

First 8mm videotape format to compete with VHS and Betamax in the late 1980s.

Digital SD Formats

For digital HD video formats, see HD formats.

Highest-quality uncompressed 3/4" videotape for mastering. See D-1.

D-3 and D-5
High-quality uncompressed 1/2" videotape formats for mastering. See D-3 and D-5.

D-9 (Digital-S)
High-quality 1/2" videotape that uses DV encoding. See D-9.

Digital version of Sony's Hi8 8mm videotape. See Digital8.

Digital Betacam
Digital version of Sony's Betacam 1/2" videotape. See Digital Betacam.

DV and MiniDV
Widely used videotape format from consumers to professionals. It was later followed by tapeless DV camcorders. See DV.

Sony's variant of DV videotape technology. See DVCAM.

Panasonic's variant of DV videotape technology. See DVCPRO.

The standard SD optical disc. See DVD.

Sony's tapeless camcorder format. See XDCAM.
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XMRs handle just about any SDI broadcasting format at its input and outputs in either HD or SD formats.
The NVIDIA Quadro 4500 SDI by PNY graphic board, incorporated into ExtremeStor-DI, delivers uncompressed 12 bit HD-SDI in 2K, HD or SD formats allowing full resolution, real-time playback.
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