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The new SDMI network is an excellent example of convergence-ready infrastructure that leverages best-of-breed Ethernet switching and Voice-over-IP solutions to deliver reliable and high-quality voice and data services.
With the Verance SDMI Phase 1 system in its firmware, PortalPlayer provides consumer electronics OEMs with the assurance of compliance with the SDMI standards defined by the music, consumer electronics and IT industries.
Building SDMI compliant applications on InterTrust Commerce 1.
We are pleased to be offering consumers SDMI compliant portable devices and to be a part of this exciting new approach to delivering high quality music content," said Masao Suga, General Manager, Home Digital Products Division, Toshiba.
Liquid Audio's goal is to enable record labels and music retailers to safely leverage the Internet to promote and sell music to the many consumers who want to download high-quality music and enjoy it in secure portable music players," said Phil Wiser, Liquid Audio Chief Technology Officer and an editor of the SDMI specification.
With this installation at SDMI, the Ultimax will enable physicians to offer a wide range of imaging services with the ease-of-use and clinical versatility that will help provide patient-focused care.
The SDMI effort is seen by many as a bridge between companies in the music market ranging from manufacturers of MP3 players to the major record labels.
But SDMI has yet to capture consumer hearts the way MP3 has done.
The SDMI has been formed to bring together the worldwide music and technology communities to develop an interoperable standard for digital music security through all digital formats and delivery channels.
Our goal at SDMI is to provide optimal patient care and the best patient experience.
Whether internet users will embrace the SDMI trial at the expense of the people's audio compression format remains to be seen.
The SDMI will aim to positively impact the future of digital music by answering consumers' demands for accessibility while maintaining copyright protection for artists.