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The current state of sixties research owes much to SDS histories.
The great theoretical banner under which SDS marched, "participatory democracy,' was, as Miller shows, not very well defined.
A customer portal will provide SDS clients with a secure, central website to view medical record requests, manage statements, track requests, and administer their accounts with SDS.
Within four months, the SDS team completed 90% of the backlogged cases.
SDS has been the leader in the release-of-information industry for over thirty years and has now added a Document Management division to provide on- and off-site document conversion and storage, an electronic document management system via a deployed software or ASP solution, and a claims attachment solution to help accelerate the revenue cycle for hospitals.
SDS has the experience, technology and resources to provide healthcare organizations with HIM solutions to reduce administrative costs, improve staff efficiency, achieve regulatory compliance, increase patient satisfaction and help manage the revenue cycle -- all while complementing existing EMR workflow.
SDS has been a vendor of choice with the NYBOT for more than 10 years developing customized, adaptable trading solutions to meet the NYBOT's key business objectives and IT requirements.
SDS Trader provides brokers/dealers with a complete, turnkey, state-of-the-art trading solution that combines all the critical elements they require such as order-entry, order management, position management, client account information, risk management, research, quotes, market data and charting.
SDS traditionally provides outsourced reproduction and secure delivery of patient health information, electronic storage, web-based tracking and reporting tools to over 6,000 hospital and physician clinics nationwide.
Opsware automation will play an integral role in helping Samsung SDS achieve a utility computing environment by providing deeper insight and control over our IT operations," said Dr.
Pantero's SDS Suite promises to deliver the capabilities needed to overcome the data interoperability problem, so that companies can realize the benefits of service-orientation and its potential as a highly flexible and adaptive architecture for supporting business processes.