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Of the 140 subjects originally recruited, 103 were actually enrolled because the remaining 37 subjects had missing SFA data.
Angelova was replaced by Ivanka Bagdatova, current head of the Investment Loans unit of the SFA.
What is new is an overt focus on selecting a limited, more efficient set of defense tools, including SFA, to advance strategic objectives.
Hypothesis 1: Participants with high SFA will experience blushing more intensely and more frequently than will those with low SFA in situations that might be expected to be blush-inducing.
Analyzing the existing sales process can be a vital first step in successful implementation of SFA software.
The snub is another almighty clanger - even by the standards of the SFA, which has a long history of making gaffes.
Money began to flow to SFA and to its research center and foundation.
The researchers in this study are former elementary school administrators; one was the principal who initially introduced SFA to the staff of a school where 90% of the teachers voted to adopt SFA.
The SFA and X elect to treat the fund as a QSF prior to governmental approval under the relation-back rule.
Results of financial calculations will be more in line with management thinking, both of which will be improved by going through the process of SFA.
New SFA tool automates Worldleaders' sales method proven to improve win probability and reduce sales cycle time