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(1) See self-extracting archive.

(2) (Special eFfECTS) Graphics techniques that are applied to images and movies in order to simulate a real or imaginary event. Also abbreviated "FX," "F/X," and "SPFX," special effects began in the mid-1800s when "trick photography" was used to combine parts of several photographs into one. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, special effects emerged in film, whereby the director would stop the camera, change some part of the set and start filming again. After the advent of computers, and especially desktop computers, it became much easier to create extraordinary special effects.

The terms "special effects" (SFX) and "visual effects" (VSX) are often used synonymously; however, SFX tends to refer to techniques used during film making, whereas VFX is entirely computer generated. See nonlinear video editing.

(3) (Sound eFfECTS) Real or artificial sounds that are added to a musical performance or movie in order to create a mood or simulate an event. Sound effects can be recordings of live events such as an ambulance siren or a dog barking, or they can be generated in the computer using sound effects creation software.

(4) (Special eFfECTS) The project name for the OpenURL identification system used in libraries. See OpenURL.
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In 1920 SFX had acquired what was then known as the Melwood Bridge playing fields in West Derby, named in memory of Father Melling, Father Woodlock and Father Bridge.
Under the terms of the agreement, SFX stockholders will receive USD 5.
Further, T-Mobile will partner across SFX integrated media assets as well as partnering with Beatport on its upcoming Beatport Evolution Radio Show, which is a partnership with Clear Channel.
Last but not least, since 2009, SFX includes a recommender system, bX.
Michael Leavitt, president of Fox Theatricals, is said to be mulling a future that may include a management role in Chicago -- as an employee of SFX, presumably -- or may just involve him concentrating on his producing projects.
To learn more about SFX Connections[TM] and the entire SKURA SFX Sales Enablement suite please visit www.
com and SFX will also investigate expanding their partnership to other European countries where SFX is present, including Scandinavia and Holland.
New York-based SFX consolidated the long-fragmented concert promotion business over the past two years through a quick string of acquisitions totaling more than $1 billion.
OAKVILLE, Ontario -- Skura Corporation, the leading provider of sales enablement solutions, recently launched the latest SFX product suite application - SKURA SFX Mobile[TM].
According to Oliver Pesch, EBSCO Publishing's chief technical officer, SFX will simplify electronic research in libraries accessing material from several different systems.
Bob Amore, leasing manager for county parks, said the sale to SFX, one of the nation's larger promoters and producers, will only benefit the county.
Prior to Marquis Jet, Allard served as president and COO of SFX Sports Group where he directed all business development, acquisition strategy and overall corporate operations for the Sports Group's four core competencies: Event Management; Marketing; Talent Representation; and Television & Entertainment.