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solar heat gain coefficient

The fraction of normally incident solar energy that is transmitted through glazing under standard summer conditions.
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SHGC is not one of the most important parameters when a building with standard WWR is analysed, but in this case is different.
All of the changes would likely increase energy consumption, with the exception of the changes in fenestration SHGC requirements {shown in bold italics) which would likely decrease energy consumption.
US-based holding SH Group said it had sold its construction unit Syska Hennessy Group Construction, or SHGC, to gkkworks, a planning, design and construction company in California, as part of a strategy to focus on core engineering business.
oThe monitored drop in construction prices will definitely boost the capacity of developers to continue the construction on their projects, and as the contracting company for one of the biggest community developments in Ajman, this presents an excellent opportunity that we intend to capitalise on,o said Fawad Sattar Dero, Managing Director, SHGC.
Prior to the groundbreaking, SHGC completed the soil investigation in addition to the early phases of excavation and construction of a site office.
Non-compliance in Climate Zones 4 and 5 is primarily the result of the unchanged sensible indoor load at the economizer condition, lower envelope conduction losses due to lower U-value requirements, and increased solar loads due to higher SHGC limits (compared with Climate Zone 3), not only preventing supply air temperature reset, but also raising the cooling tower load and approach at economizer conditions.
With a good U-factor and SHGC, Solarban 70XL glass also reduced the chance that the space will overheat, which is very important in our naturally cooled space.
It appears on all products certified to the NFRC standards on window, door and skylight products, and offers ratings for U-factor, SHGC, visible light transmittance (VT), and (optionally) air leakage (AL) and condensation resistance (CR) ratings.
Several metrics were proposed for the optical, lighting and thermal performance of TDDs, including: Light Transmittance, Normalized Luminous Intensity, Average and Peak Luminance Indices, Light Diffusion Index, Daylighting Area Coverage, Spacing Ratio, SHGC and U-factor.
com)-- Customers and contractors in the market for vinyl windows during the last decade have encountered a number of acronyms, including the following: NFRC, SHGC, VT, and AAMA.