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SICL has pledged the support until at least 2018, and Managing Director Cliff Fox said: "We have a great admiration for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance; operationally, personally and ethically.
Since 2006 the support of SICL has saved the air ambulance PS125,000 Neale Jacobs, Operations Manager for the YAA also added "We cannot thank SICL enough for their continued support.
As an independent charity, having support from companies such as SICL is invaluable.
In July, a Cayman court froze the assets of SICL and a number of other international Saad units.
A goal of SICL (available from HP) is to make instrument programming in C more viable than it is today.
Although SICL instruments are supported with a variety of physical interfaces, only SBE's SEUS4470 allows multiple SICL instruments to be connected through the EIA-232 serial interface.
In the past, HP users had to dedicate a console port if they wanted to use EIA-232 as a SICL interface -- connecting several instruments was not an option," said Bill Allen, SBE's vice president of sales and marketing.