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SKC (sky clear)

A term to indicate the sky is clear and devoid of any clouds.
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Following up at Sporting Park is a tough ask, but SKC have a depleted backline and this could be a good time to strike.
Following Toyobo's investment, the paid-up capital of the JV is US$58,823,530 - comprised of SKC with 43.
As McDonald prepares to retire next year after more than 30 years at the helm of SKC, he looks back with satisfaction and a bit of wonder at all that has happened for his and other tribal colleges since those humble beginnings.
In two years, SKC will graduate its first elementary school teachers trained exclusively at the college.
SKC and Environics set the following campaign objectives:
This SKC recirculating bearing can be used in delicate Vacuum and clean room environments, yet is robust enough to provide years of operation.
True, you won't be able to place a flower on the casket or get a whiff of that funeral parlor smell, but SKC thinks it has found a niche among cyber-savvy people with hectic schedules and a lot of ill-fated friends.
Source re Yu's consort: Yu's posthumously so-called "legacy" wife (ming-fu see SKC 28.
One year ago, SKC realized that it was in a unique position to develop a transportation service for individuals with disabilities who live on the reservation that would greatly increase the vocational possibilities available to them.
About Habitat for Humanity Seattle Habitat for Humanity SKC , an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, is a faith-based, nonprofit housing organization that brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.
SKC has recently introduced the MethAlert Colorimetric Wipe Kit and MethCheck Immunoassay Wipe System.