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It is estimated that between those two nations, over 4,000,000 SKS carbines were manufactured with China being the leading producer and exporter.
Executive compensation - Valuation of microfinance institutions - What the IPO will mean for price and service quality - How policy makers might react - How the boards and managers will balance the interests of the poor with commercial imperatives - And what it means for SKS itself and the actions it is likely to take in the future.
This was true despite the fact that the supply of SKS carbines seemed virtually endless.
She said she had borrowed to the extent of ` 25,000 from Share, Spandana, SKS and Basix during this seven- year period.
SKS Microfinance is the largest MFI in India in terms of total value of loans outstanding, number of borrowers (members) and number of branches, according to the October 2009 CRISIL report titled India Top 50 Microfinance Institutions.
So far, the Simi Valley Police Department has received about 10 SKS rifles, said Lt.
CEO, Dilli Raj, said, 'The rating will help reduce the risk weights assigned to bank's exposure on SKS from the present 100 percent to 50 percent in the case of long-term facilities, and 30 percent for short-term facilities.
Concerned SKS investors are encouraged to contact attorney Hamilton Lindley at 877-819-8033 or hlindley@deanslyons.
SKS MICROFINANCE, the largest microfinance institution ( MFI) in the country, said on Tuesday that it is planning to cut its lending rate to 24 per cent across all states in due course.
Setting precedent for the Indian microfinance industry, SKS Microfinance Ltd.