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apparent dome over the earth, background of the clouds, sun, moon, and stars. The blue color of the clear daytime sky results from the selective scattering of light rays by the minute particles of dust and vapor in the earth's atmosphereatmosphere
[Gr.,=sphere of air], the mixture of gases surrounding a celestial body with sufficient gravity to maintain it. Although some details about the atmospheres of other planets and satellites are known, only the earth's atmosphere has been well studied, the science of
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. The rays with longer wavelengths (the reds and yellows) pass through most readily, whereas the shorter rays (the blues) are scattered. An excess of dust, especially in large particles, causes scattering of many rays besides the blue, and the sky "fades" and becomes whitish or hazy. The sky thus is clearest in winter, in the morning, after a rain, over a mountain, or over the ocean. Leonardo da Vinci experimented with light and attempted an explanation of the sky's blue color. The work on light and its behavior by Sir Isaac Newton, Lord Rayleigh, and other physicists provided explanations of rainbows, sky color, mirages, and other atmospheric phenomena.

What does it mean when you dream about the sky?

The sky usually signifies peace and freedom of expression when it is clear and blue. If cloudy and overcast, the sky may be forecasting sadness and trouble.


In the daytime the apparent blue dome resting on the earth along the horizon circle; at night the blue becomes nearly black.


1. the apparently dome-shaped expanse extending upwards from the horizon that is characteristically blue or grey during the day, red in the evening, and black at night
2. outer space, as seen from the earth
3. weather, as described by the appearance of the upper air
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