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William Joseph, 1st Viscount. 1891--1970, British field marshal, who commanded (1943--45) the 14th Army in the reconquest of Burma (now called Myanmar) from the Japanese; governor general of Australia (1953--60)


A VLSI language for translating DFA's into circuits. J.L. Hennessy, "SLIM: A Simulation and Implementation Language for VLSI Microcode", Lambda, Apr 1981, pp.20-28.


A small, derivative change (e.g. to code).
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A couple of months ago, Carlos Slim Helu passed Telmex's helm to his oldest son, Carlos Slim Domit.
Slims business success is largely a direct result of neo-liberal measures of former Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid's government (1982-88).
The unavoidable reality is that in Mexico, as in many other countries, business success has always been linked to alliances with politicians, yet the author emphasizes Slims denials of any deal with government officials, To many critics, the apparently close relationship between Slim and ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari propelled his success.
Pimp: The Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim and Whoreson: The Story of a Ghetto Pimp by Donald Goines were his "guilty pleasures.
The ideal would be to get the world and characters Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines wrote about presented from the virtuoso literary perspective of an Ishmael Reed, Leon Forrest or Toni Morrison.
8220;Since going on a mission to make snacking fun again in Australia; we've received countless requests from consumers throughout UK anxious to try Slim Secrets.
8220;More and more, UK snackers are looking for healthier choices without sacrificing taste,” says the Slim Secrets UK sales & marketing manager Jordi Bloomberg from Slim Essentials.
SLIM Search opens new doors for research through a revolutionary advancement in the speed of information processing for genomic research.