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tin snips

Shears with a blunt nose; used for cutting thin sheet metal.
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He meets lots more of his little animal friends, from Stripe the zebra, whose dad is best at hiding, to Beaky and Spot, the ostrich and leopard, whose dads are having a race to find out who''s faster - and poor Snip is despondent, when he realises everyone has a cooler dad than me.
Since beginning operations in 2012, SNIP has forged several strong alliances with local animal organizations with the objective of sponsoring a capillary network of low-cost spay & neuter clinics in every neighborhood of every municipality.
They worked on market research and promotion, using social networking sites and flyers to get the word out about Snip n Cut and also received advice on putting together a detailed business plan, plus funding and legal issues.
What was not revealed until later was that Snip Nua had been injured in a race in Dublin two weeks earlier and had been put down.
The trio were introduced to Snip Nua, which was owned by a syndicate, including the Co Wicklow funnyman - and even attended a race in which Snip Nua runs.
To make their sensors, the researchers use three ingredients: 13-nanometer-wide gold particles adorned with short strands of DNA; strands of so-called catalytic DNA, which can snip apart other DNA, strands; and longer DNA strands to which the first two ingredients attach.
Snip the coupon here, it will entitle you to one free lunchtime meal when you order another meal off the main menu - just remember to call in advance of your visit quoting 'Post Lunchtime Offer'.
Gloria replies, "Oh Michael--it's just snip, snip, snip," and Michael winces.
This prevents the bottlenecks experienced with SNIP, but requires additional programming to enable all of the segments to communicate with each other.
All you have to do is snip out the voucher below and hand it over the counter at your nearest stockist today only.
The company became aware of SNIP, which refurbishes PCs, through Seeing is Believing two years ago.