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In 2015, SPE President Dick Cameron established a Governance Task Force.
In addition to making it to the PetroBowl final, the Heriot-Watt SPE Student Chapter was recently awarded the Best Student Chapter Award by SPE Aberdeen at SPE Offshore Europe 2017.
For more on UL AM training discounts for SPE members and special offers for new members, visit www.
As a demonstration of its long-term commitment, Qatar Shell has signed a three-year sponsorship with the SPE Qatar to support special activities and events organised by the latter.
In addition to all the materials required you will also have access to free web-based SPE method development support via the www.
IBO spoke with Millipore, Varian and Waters about current trends in the SPE marketplace.
In making that determination, the presence of a controlling financial interest in the SPE is a significant consideration.
Some have even said, "I don't know what makes an SPE so special.
In those situations, the second theme is used: the SPE becomes the interim buyer for the relinquished property, thus allowing the exchanger to consummate the exchange before the "real" buyer of the relinquished property is able to close escrow.
Now, disposable cartridges and other innovations are making SPE even more useful to the analytical chemist.
An SPE is established to engage in certain types of transactions (for example, leasing) on behalf of a sponsor (lessee).