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A draft standard for another extension of SQL. The latest SQL3 Working Draft addresses the requirement for objects and "object identifiers" in SQL and also specifies supporting features such as encapsulation, subtypes, inheritance, and polymorphism.

In the USA, SQL3 is being processed as both an ANSI Domestic ("D") project and as an ISO project. It is expected to be complete in 1998.

November 1992 paper.

Working draft.

[ISO/IEC SQL Revision. ISO-ANSI Working Draft Database Language SQL (SQL3), Jim Melton - Editor, document ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21 N6931, ANSI, July 1992].

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The terms of the agreement call for MATISSE to integrate UniSQL's SQL3-compliant SQL compiler into its high-performance multimedia database server, the resulting product being the industry's fastest multimedia database that is queriable using the SQL3 standard for database access.
UniSQL's leading role in driving the SQL3 standard and its sophisticated query capabilities are important elements in our strategy to support advanced multimedia data models.
5, the latest version of the company's leading object relational multimedia database software, takes full advantage of the emerging SQL3 (ANSI X3H2) syntax specification.
The SQL3 specification, a standard sponsored by both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO), is aimed at providing a complete language for the definition and management of complex objects.
As a result of our contribution in determining the direction of SQL3, UniSQL's object model mirrors the SQL3 specification AD this is an excellent demonstration of the realization of our vision.
Our resource change management product, UNameIt, takes full advantage of our ability to use SQL3 to query the database.
5 provides support for features of the SQL3 specification such as object identities for table rows; support for sets, multi-sets and lists; collection-derived tables; table hierarchies and trigger mechanisms.
UniSQL Server provides reliable support for large complex data types, with sophisticated SQL3 query facilities for accessing them, support for multimedia data, transparent integration of data from a variety of database sources and real-world modeling of complex entities.
The object data manipulation language is based on the SQL3 data model.
Phase three will include full POSC Epicentre support by combining UniSQL's E&P Data Access Layer with powerful object-relational features based on the SQL3 standards that will be available in the next major release of the Oracle7 server product.