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Certificate Monitoring identifies and helps stop unauthorized SSL Certificates and protects brand IP by providing a comprehensive overview of all SSL Certificates issued for a given domain and its variants.
A website displaying an SSL certificate will protect website transactions, logins, webmail, and communication.
Symantec on Wednesday began offering multi-algorithm SSL certificates for Web servers that go beyond traditional crypto to include what's known as theElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA).
According to reports, the hackers had targeted the SSL certificates of several specific net communication services like Gmail, Skype, Microsoft Live, Yahoo and the Firefox browser.
com, which compiles a monthly report of SSL certificate market shares, VeriSign has about 50.
Thus, as the demand for add-on security features is increasing, vendors in the Global SSL Certificate market have started providing features such as malware scanning and security auditing in their SSL certificates.
4% of the SSL certificate authority market, further increasing its number one position and increasing its lead over Symantec, which drops to an all-time low of 31.
Despite its maturity, the SSL certificate market is expected to grow due to the expanding ubiquity of the Internet.
With the help of an SSL certificate, he/she will be able to avoid MITM attack, phishing and other hazardous scams.
The important features that indicate that a website is EV SSL certified are the provision of a green address bar and the lock pad logo of the SSL certificate.
An SSL certificate is installed on a website, and each time a visitor browses a section of your website encrypted over SSL, a “public key” is sent by the server to your visitor's Web browser.
As a Linux cloud server and GlobalSign SSL provider, Q3 is also able to offer businesses a range of value-added services from 24/7x365 support, fully managed hosting and SSL certificate provisioning.