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The SSO, on the other hand, has received some media attention for its anti-Lisbon stance as the Czech Republic, along with Ireland, remain the only two EU nations who have yet to approve the treaty.
SSO can be customized so that all linking benefit sites (such as pharmacy or vision care) are either fully branded or cobranded to look and feel like the health plan's Web site or the employer's Web site.
Several different Single Sign-On solutions were evaluated, but CA's eTrust SSO provided a much higher degree of standardization," says Bostrom.
Halo SSO consists of two components: Halo SSO NT and Halo SSO MVS.
Ultimately, an SSO policy must represent a national strategy to ensure that cities, state agencies, permitting authorities, and the EPA engage in a comprehensive and coordinated planning effort to achieve cost-effective, yet affordable, SSO controls that satisfy applicable health and environmental requirements.
The average organization now manages thousands of employee, customer and partner identities through dozens of on-premises and cloud-based apps, but the IAM and SSO solutions they are using have left them vulnerable to data breaches and hindered visibility into application usage.
The SSO Server is highly configurable, scalable, extensible, and ready to meet a wide variety of enterprise-class needs.
The council believed there were risks associated with the SSO proposal, related to public safety, governance, finance, staff capacity and expertise, and data capacity, so it decided to consult nurses and nursing organisations before making a final decision.
The meeting is to focus on the 2020 strategy proposed by SSO.
Other key functions supported include: shared workstation SSO, which allows a single computer to provide unique and secure access to multiple users; client-side usage monitoring for granular tracking of user activity within applications being accessed through SSO; and automatic agent update, which offers seamless and centralized management of SSO agent software located on client machines.