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The MOA establishes a strong institutional linkage between US-PHS and STAC, allowing the two organizations to collaborate and support technology-enabled entrepreneurship through STAC's immersion programs, including its workshops, which will take place primarily in Silicon Valley.
STAC Chairman, Kiran Kumar Mehra, said the achievement was remarkable and the proceeds of a charitable auction will be donated to the chief minister's relief fund.
On the subject of in-vessel coils, the STAC was pleased with the "considerable progress" made on the design and prototype development.
Amor and his colleagues analyzed samples from seven sites in Stac Fada.
STAC cases usually deal with products liability, personal injury, and medical negligence issues.
Sitting in the premises that formerly housed Prego, the new Stac Polly is sticking to the company's tried and trusted menu.
1 million, STAC said more than $533,616 of the value represents implementation costs to be shared by non-federal government entities in addition to the approximately $1.
Stac claims that the concept was developed by them and licensed to HP for use on its servers and DAT8 and DAT24 drives.
The goal of STAC is to move an offender from a crime-dependent state to a crime-free state.
Stac has developed a toolkit for CD-ROM publishers that will automatically read the license count from a CD, encode it in the CD-QuickShare CD-Administrator, and automatically report the management information to the administrator.
When Mitsu Fisher took over as head of tech support at Stac Electronics in January, runaway costs were threatening to sink the company.
First ever STAC assessment of latency from arrival of market data to transmission of orders - wire to wire