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The EM6126 is an ultra low power bit map controller and driver for full dot matrix monochrome STN LCD displays.
Most of the LCD companies manufacture TN and STN LCD modules utilizing TAB, COG and COB technologies.
The LDS191 262K color STN LCD driver IC is a highly-integrated, high- performance device with integrated display RAM, on-chip oscillator, and temperature compensation for adjustment of VCLD and frame frequency, providing fine tuning of the screen for optical visual performance.
The application processor section in the PoP device includes the following features: separate 16KB instruction and 16KB data cache; a TFT and STN LCD controller; NAND Flash boot loader; USB Host and Device; a touch screen and camera interface; several UARTs; a SD host and MMC interface; IIC and IIS interfaces; and, PLL for clock generation.
Optrex's new Highly Reflective (HR) transflective STN LCD modules provide very-high-contrast black pixels on a silvery, "winter white" background.
With Japanese makers leaving the STN LCD business, shipments from Taiwanese small and medium size panel makers performed strongly in the second quarter of 2004, growing 25.
For the HP iPAQ devices, Samsung's mobile application processors enables value-added end user features through a camera interface, TFT & STN LCD display support, SD/MMC/SDIO, USB host and device, and touch screen interface.