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(language, LISP, graphics)
A Scheme interpreter blended with Ousterhout's Tk package by Erick Gallesio <>. STk expresses all of Tk as Scheme objects. STk includes a slow CLOS/Dylan-like object-oriented extension.

STk almost conforms to R4RS and runs on SunOS 4.1.x and Ultrix/MIPS.

Latest version: 4.0.1, as of 2000-09-24.


On drawings, abbr. for stock.
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Each winner will receive one STK Bluetooth Keyboard case worth PS49.
In Hatay, the STK worked to create conflict between Turkey's Turkish, Armenian and Aramean (Syriac) communities, according to the letter, in an attempt to cause instability in the country so that the military would stage a coup d'etat against the government.
This will be an absorption-type split agreement, with SDK serving as the splitting company and STK as the succeeding company.
Part of the STK Business Partner Program, AGI's solution provider program markets and supports "STK-certified" companies that offer STK product training; aerospace analysis and engineering consulting services; and/or custom integration solutions using STK.
We are thrilled to join the Disney Springs family with the launch of STK Orlando," said Jonathan Segal, CEO of The ONE Group.
Kim Mogull of Mogull Realty represented STK in lease negotiations.
STK ARCTIC's active armour-integrated and passive fabric-integrated cooling technologies work together to reduce metabolic activity and perspiration levels to improve the soldier s endurance and anaerobic exercise capacity.
In creating STK, the New York-based design studio Icrave took their greatest inspiration from the world of theater, specifically, from the starkly lit set designs of Robert Wilson.
The Anark Core[TM] Platform is an innovative software solution that easily transforms 3D CAD data for import into STK for simulation applications.
Prior Information Notice: Delivery and operation, development and integration of the centralized information system stk.