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persons who insist upon strict observance of Sunday as the SabbathSabbath
[Heb.,=repose], in Judaism, last day of the week (Saturday), observed as a rest day for the twenty-five hours commencing with sundown on Friday. In the biblical account of creation (Gen. 1) the seventh day is set as a Sabbath to mark God's rest after his work.
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. Societies promoting Sabbatarian objectives include the Lord's Day Alliance of the United States and the Lord's Day Observance Society in England. In the United States, Sabbatarian laws, known as blue laws, which bar certain business and sporting activities on Sunday, are still effective in many states and localities. The term is also applied to those who observe the seventh day (Saturday) as the Sabbath, such as certain AdventistsAdventists
[advent, Lat.,=coming], members of a group of related religious denominations whose distinctive doctrine centers in their belief concerning the imminent second coming of Jesus (see Judgment Day).
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 and the Seventh-Day BaptistsSeventh-Day Baptists,
Protestant church holding the same doctrines as other Calvinistic Baptists but observing the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath. In the Reformation in England the observance was adopted by many, and in the 17th cent.
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Weisenkircher stated that this group received its name after the market town where they had their first congregation and that a considerable part of their membership left for the Sabbatarians in 1529.
Les efforts des Sabbatarians pour faire respecter le caractere sacre du dimanche se heurtent aussi a une population canadienne qui souhaite faire de l'argent en travaillant beaucoup, meme le dimanche, et beneficier des nombreuses activites sportives et culturelles qui s'offrent a elle.
In a battle for column inches and the Premier's ear, a tug-of-war ensued between Sabbatarian organisations including the Sunday Observance League and opposing associations like the pro-trading Suburban Reform League.
Despite lengthy efforts to enforce "rest," Sabbatarian strictures slowly began to give way by the 1870s.
Conceptually the modern preoccupation with a wild, pantheistic alternative to a staid and stale Christen civilization provides a fitting endpoint for Miller's millennium-spanning struggle between Christian sabbatarians and sun-worshiping pagans.
36) Possibly Neumuhl now became the center of power for Jesuits who had been working since 1579 in the territory of Nikolsburg for the conversion of Anabaptists--be they Sabbatarians, Swiss Brethren or Hutterites.
All this leads Bach to conclude that Ephrata's Sabbatarians, while reflecting ideas often associated with Rosicrucianism, were pursuing a very non-Rosicrucian course, adopting alchemical and astrological metaphors primarily to augment their mystical, Christian devotional language.
14] Despite the sound and fury of those organisations attempting to influence public behaviour-the Sabbatarians, the temperance movement or the later nineteenth century National Anti-Gambling League, their overall impact was relatively limited.
53) For example, the government successfully claimed that its interests were sufficient to prevent military personnel from wearing religious headgear while on duty;(54) to penalize a university for racially discriminatory admissions processes inspired by its religious doctrine;(55) to force a group of Native Americans to obtain Social Security numbers despite the dictates of their spiritual beliefs;(56) and to maintain a system of Sunday blue laws, regardless of their adverse effects on Sabbatarians.
Michael Howard QC was born on July 7 1941, and reared in Llanelli among rugby-playing miners and Baptist sabbatarians, in an atmosphere where strong drink was both indulged in and frowned upon.
Ball similarly notes "the significance of the Fifth Monarchy influence in the Baptist churches in Ireland" in the 1650s; The Seventh-Day Men: Sabbatarians and Sabbatarianism in England and Wales, 1600-1800 (Oxford: Clarendon, 1994), 332, n.
Evangelists and sabbatarians provided material assistance, and campaigns to prevent Sunday work and travel found support from overworked boat-crews, porters and lock-tenders.