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(vertebrate zoology)
Anoplopoma fimbria. An abundant black-skinned fish in the North Pacific.



(Anoplopoma fimbria), a marine fish of the order Scorpaeniformes. The fish usually measures 40–60 cm long and weighs 1–3 kg. The coloring is dark gray. The body is torpedo-shaped, and the base of the tail is slender. There are two dorsal fins and a tail fin that has a deep depression. The sablefish is encountered in the Bering Sea and in the Pacific Ocean as far south as southern California and Tokyo Bay. It spawns from fall to spring at depths of more than 400 m. The young live deep in the water and swim closer to the bottom at night as they grow. The sablefish has commercial importance, as its flesh is tasty and the liver is rich in vitamins A and D.


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Our SPC[TM] sablefish (black cod) is known as the highest quality black cod available among buyers in Asia.
pepper, divided 4 skin-on sablefish (black cod) fillets, each about 6 oz.
Sablefish were tagged by surgically implanting transmitters in the abdominal cavity.
1990), British Columbia sablefish (1990), British Columbia halibut
Reduction of mercury in sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) and use of treated flesh in smoked products.
During all-depth halibut days, possession of bottomfish, except sablefish and Pacific cod, is prohibited when halibut are onboard the vessel, regardless of depth.
La Rua, on the Blackcomb side of the village is the place for fine dining, with melt-in-the-mouth venison and fresh sustainable sablefish (black cod) plus excellent wines from British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.
We follow this specification to analyze the rent distribution effect that switching to IFQ management has had on a specific fishery, the Alaskan sablefish fishery.
Among other global umbrella organisations present were the Department of Fisheries of Thailand, China Aquatic Products Processing & Marketing Association -- CAPPMA, Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters & Producers, Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee, the Canadian Sablefish Association, New Brunswick Department of Fisheries (Canada), Marine Export Promotion and Development Authority - MEPDA (India), and the Ministry of Marine Affairs, Fisheries - MOMAF (Republic of Indonesia) and Sri Lanka Export Development Board.
Once this would have been a mouthful of snow when falling on the ski fields but now it means drinking the province's boutique beverages and guzzling its sablefish with sea asparagus.
At the swisher end of the scale, the restaurant offered fresh shucked Nova Scotia oysters, sablefish and crispy seared Arctic char.