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an ancient city in Libya, on the Mediterranean Sea, west of the city of Tripoli. Founded by the Phoenicians in the first half of the first millennium B.C.

One of the most important centers of trade with Italy, Sabra-tha flourished during the period of Roman domination (for the most part, during the first few centuries A.D.). In the fifth century A.D. the city was captured by the Vandals, and during the sixth century it fell under the power of Byzantium. The city was destroyed by the Arabs in the seventh century. Excavations of Sabratha began in 1923.

The early core of the city, with its irregular street layout, is located near the port area. Situated to the south, west, and east are structures dating from Roman and Byzantine times, including the remnants of a forum and the Byzantine Basilica of Justinian (sixth century), with its mosaic floor (now in the Sabratha Archaeological Museum). The regularly laid out quarters are located to the southeast; adjoining them to the south is a large theater (dating from the end of the second to the beginning of the third centuries), which is ornamented with sculpture. Thermal baths, richly decorated with mosaics and sculpture, have also been discovered.


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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ensured close monitoring of the case of two Tunisian nationals taken hostage since January 3 in Sabrata and released Tuesday, away from all forms of partisan overbidding or political and media manipulation," the ministry said in a press release.
beaucoup moins que]Suite a la publication d'articles de presse relatant le deces dans la nuit du 3 au 4 novembre 2013, a Sabrata (80 km de Tripoli), en Libye, de la ressortissante algerienne Kouadria Zohra, le ministere des Affaires etrangeres informe que les services du consulat general a Tripoli ont pris toutes mesures qui s'imposaient pour assurer le transfert au pays de sa depouille mortelle et ont engage aupres des autorites libyennes les demarches necessaires, notamment pour diligenter les enquetes policiere et judiciaire devant etablir les circonstances exactes de son deces[beaucoup plus grand que], a souligne la meme source.
As of that date, UNHCR registered and provided attestation letters to 712 persons of concern in the following detention facilities: Sabah, Brak Shat, Surman, Al Khums, Zliten, Tawaysha and Sabrata.
Statilius Capella, a Roman equestrian of Sabrata in Africa, a woman
We count on the wisdom of the two presidents (Bashir and Deby) and their responsibilities towards their people and Africa, to distinguish between the internal problems and the problems that bedevil relations between the two countries," Gadhafi said during his speech at the summit of Saharan states in Sabrata, 70 km west of Tripoli.
OBG: We were impressed by the ancient Roman ruins of Leptis Magna and Sabrata, the virginity and unspoilt ness of the country, the endless untouched coastline.
The on shore block, Sirt, is estimated to have a reserve of up to 400 million barrels of crude oil, and the block off Sabrata is estimated to have a reserve of 690 million barrels of crude oil equivalent.
In the same draft is a Celtic Swing colt (124) out of French juvenile winner Sabrata and a Tagula half-brother (125) to five winners out of a grand-daughter of champion North American two-year-old filly and influential broodmare High Voltage.
Il processo di Sabrata," Studia et Documenta Historiae et Iuris, LIV (1988), 110-46.
On election day, Carter Centre observers visited more than 160 polling stations in 11 of 13 electoral districts, including teams in Ajdabiyah, Al Bayda, Gharyan, Khoms, Benghazi, Sebha, Sabrata, Tobruk, Tripoli, Zawiya, and Zuwara.
The most important projects are: - oil refinery in Raslanuf for 7 billions and 300 millions dinars - energy city project in Sabrata for 480 million dinars - construction of commercial center, housing complex and tower at airport road, Tripoli for 365 million dinars - construction of cement factory in Almarj city - two administrative, tourism and commercial tower in Tripoli for 350 million dinars - oil aviation services in Tripoli for LD 98,910,000 - bricks industry factory in Ragaban, shabiat Aljabal Alakhdar for LD.
In this regard, the General Secretariat of CEN-SAD pays tribute to the Permanent High Mediator for Peace and Security Muammar Gaddafi and to the ad hoc Mediator, Blaise Compaore President of Faso with regard to the many efforts made and their salutary involvement in the resolution of the political and military crisis in the Republic of Guinea, this in the spirit and letter of the Tripoli Declaration and Action Plan of 31 August 2009 and the Final CommuniquE[umlaut] of the 11th ordinary session of the Conference of Leaders and Heads of State of CEN-SAD held in Sabrata on 29 - 30 May 2009.