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an ancient city in Libya, on the Mediterranean Sea, west of the city of Tripoli. Founded by the Phoenicians in the first half of the first millennium B.C.

One of the most important centers of trade with Italy, Sabra-tha flourished during the period of Roman domination (for the most part, during the first few centuries A.D.). In the fifth century A.D. the city was captured by the Vandals, and during the sixth century it fell under the power of Byzantium. The city was destroyed by the Arabs in the seventh century. Excavations of Sabratha began in 1923.

The early core of the city, with its irregular street layout, is located near the port area. Situated to the south, west, and east are structures dating from Roman and Byzantine times, including the remnants of a forum and the Byzantine Basilica of Justinian (sixth century), with its mosaic floor (now in the Sabratha Archaeological Museum). The regularly laid out quarters are located to the southeast; adjoining them to the south is a large theater (dating from the end of the second to the beginning of the third centuries), which is ornamented with sculpture. Thermal baths, richly decorated with mosaics and sculpture, have also been discovered.


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They are now dispersed - westward to Sabratha, southwest to Sabha, and southeast to the Sudan border.
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In the aftermath of weeks of conflict in the Libyan coastal city of Sabratah, IOM, the UN Migration Agency is providing support to more than 14,000 migrants, previously held in numerous informal detention centres and camps and now transferred to Zuwara and an assembly point in Sabratha.
GENEVA, OCT 17 (KUNA) -- The International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Tuesday said that it is providing support to more than 14,000 migrants, previously held in numerous informal detention centers and camps and now transferred to Zuwara and an assembly point in Sabratha in Libya.
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TRIPOLI: Two weeks of clashes between rival armed groups in the city of Sabratha sparked by a lethal shooting at a checkpoint have left 26 dead and 170 wounded, the health ministry said on Friday.
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