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Sexual perversion in which one derives pleasure from inflicting physical or mental cruelty upon another.



in medicine, a sexual perversion in which sexual satisfaction is achieved by causing the partner psychological (through degradation or humiliation) or physical suffering. It is named for the French writer the Marquis de Sade (1740–1814), who in his novels described sexual crimes connected with acts of violence and cruelty. In the figurative sense, sadism is an abnormal passion for cruelty or taking pleasure in the sufferings of others.

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What is interesting for my project, however, is that Foucault does not mention the rise of the terms masochism and sadism, a puzzling omission given that the terms were invented and deployed in volume after volume of sexual tomes around the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Omnipotence is projected outward and manifested as rage, as aggressiveness, as "the blindest fury of destructiveness" (Freud, Civilization 68), and, in erotic life, as sadism.
Our knowledge of sadism is relatively new-it is something we have only begun to get a grip on with the help of Freud, and philosophers like Sartre and Derrida, who have capitalized on Freud's work.
Deleuze convincingly argues that masochism and sadism as represented in the works of Sacher Masoch and Sade operate according to different economies of pleasure and pain.
Everyday sadism is a construct related to benign Masochism 6 the enjoyment of painful activities 6 which was first described and investigated by psychologist Paul Rozin: 'For the case of innately aversive foods, there may be pleasure from the fact that the body is signaling rejection, but the person knows there is no real threat,'" Christina Sagioglou, the author of the study stated.
Sadism and bondage were around a long time before Fifty Shades Of Grey.
Buckels and colleagues Delroy Paulhus of the University of British Columbia and Daniel Jones of the University of Texas El Paso decided to examine everyday sadism under controlled laboratory conditions.
Sadism because they not only stole his money, but threatened and kept him captive.
Bentley's on form, and the lowbudget sadism and gore are mildly entertaining.
There is sustained and cumulative casual sadism in the way in which these killings are committed, and encouraged, in the game.
Said ending is the final indignity to an audience who has suffered through two hours of smug sadism in the guise of "entertainment.