a city in Limbaži Raion, Latvian SSR. Located at the influx of the Salaca River into the Gulf of Riga, 102 km north of Riga. Salacgrī va has a fish cannery and a logging and timber distribution establishment; furniture is also manufactured in the city.

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English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding will not be performing at this year's Positivus music festival in Latvia's seaside town of Salacgriva due to health issues, the festival's organisers have announced.
The Positivus festival in Salacgriva will run July 15 through 17 this year.
Randjarv (1993) also constrained his map with Yakubovski's (1973) VVs for TGs in Kronstadt, Salacgriva, Liepaja and Baltijsk, and Tallinn from Vallner & Zhelnin (1975).
Location: Festival site in Salacgriva, northern Latvia
7) Livonians at Salacgriva (Saletza) on the River Salaca (Salis) and partially along the shore of the Bay of Riga.
The analyses on PCB and pesticides, made by Lund University on the samples taken near the Gulf of Riga in the five Baltic air-research stations in Estonia (Vilsandi--Saaremaa and Tahkuse-Western-Estonia) and Latvia (Salaspils, Salacgriva and Slitere) in 1993-94, showed that the air and rain water samples taken in Estonian stations were relatively cleaner compared with the samples taken in Latvia [1, 5, 6].
8) Belsevica's prolonged stay, in the autumn of 1960, in the medieval Baltic fishing hamlet of Salacgriva (mentioned in chronicles as early as 1215) in northern Latvia, resulted in a small book.
Tenders are invited for Restoration of the water-rich waters Prine N-1 of the Republic of Latvia, 535622: 01, PIC / 00-65 / 99 in Liepupe civil parish, Salacgriva district
Contract award notice: Salacgriva port fishing wharf No.
Contract notice for Existing Salacgriva port fishing wharf No.
Salacgriva Port's cargo turnover stood at 352,600 tons, up by 6.
Contract notice: Electricity purchase salacgrivas county council, county council, tukuma municipality, marupes county council, county council kandavas, kekavas municipality, county council krimuldas, babites municipality and county council sowing and their subordinate institutions.