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, island, 206 sq mi (534 sq km), a province of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea, off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. The town of Phuket is the capital. Flat, with isolated hills, the island was one of Thailand's chief tin-mining regions, but now resort tourism is the
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, Thailand.
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The financing would be utilized to develop the Salang highway that associates Kabul and northern Afghanistan to Central Asia.
The electricity outage in the national capital of Kabul has remained seven to 15 hours within day as one dozen power towers were destroyed or damaged by recent avalanche in Salang Pass in Parwan province.
Among other matters, the ministers briefed the (CE) about lack of funds, distribution of food aid to the disaster hit provinces, reopening of Salang highway, counter terrorism measures and preparations for London and SARC conferences.
Delas Alas was also open about her recent split with her ex-husband Jed Salang.
During periods of reduced ground lines of communication availability in the arduous environment of the Salang Tunnel, we were able to consume pre-positioned strategic stocks to ensure optimum fuel support throughout the CJOA-A," Lt.
The Salang Pass is more than a roadway in Afghanistan; it is an economic and cultural symbol to Afghans.
James will spend the holidays in the not so salubrious surroundings of a patrol base in Salang, in Parwan province in the north east of the country.
Nelson Hofer, Berina and Conrad Baltazar wound up a distant first runner-up on 1,625 with OFBC Commissioner Joel Nidoy, Max Salang and Fatima Jintarat second runner-up on 1,615.
According to BNA matters related to military establishment, the artillery attacks of Pakistan on Afghan territory, strengthening of the Afghan Air Forces and reconstruction of the Salang Tunnel were discussed.
Saboor's colleagues said he was very stressed leading up to the day of the shooting, citing family trouble at home, a tiny mountainous village in the Salang district north of Kabul, which has seen little incursion from Taliban forces.
Heavy snows also closed the Salang Pass, a major route through the Hindu Kush mountains that connects the Afghan capital of Kabul to the north of the country.