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fish farming:

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the raising and harvesting of fresh- and saltwater plants and animals. The most economically important form of aquaculture is fish farming, an industry that accounts for an ever increasing share of world fisheries production.
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This is good news for King Island as salmon farming has the potential to bring significant infrastructure to the island and create dozens of new jobs.
The film tells us that industrialized salmon farming has caused a rise of diseased wild salmon.
In order to eliminate the overlapping activities, Marine Harvest agreed to divest the majority of Morpol's salmon farming operations in Scotland, based in Shetland and the Orkneys.
Contrary to her assertions, the distribution of wild salmon catches between the salmon farming area on the west coast and other areas has remained unchanged since the 1950s.
The Norwegian salmon farming business achieved an operating result pre fair value of NOK86m and a volume increase of 9% year-on-year.
Perhaps no other recent event illustrates the environmental and fiscal perils of the global aquaculture industry better than the near-collapse of Chilean salmon farming in 2007 and 2008.
They love to meet with us to have a coffee and talk," but the provincial government has yet to follow through on any mitigation of the ramifications of salmon farming in the Alert Bay region, he said in an interview with Windspeaker on May 12.
The promotion of intensive aquaculture, including salmon farming, sits comfortably within a neo-liberal fisheries strategy as it is based on the private enclosure and micro-managed control of specific areas of the marine commons, and generates significant and concentrated returns from large capital and technological investments (Marshall 2001).
In recent years, the salmon farming industry has sparked controversy, as researchers have reported that some farmed salmon contain high levels of PCBs and other contaminants, compared with wild salmon.
A Stain Upon the Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming, Stephen Hume, Alexandra Morton, Betty C.
Throw into the mix salmon farming and you have a boatload of contradicting evidence about environmental dangers and health risk and a difficult choice for consumers wanting to pick up salmon tonight for dinner.
But investigate salmon farming more deeply and it begins to sound about as yummy as a rat sandwich.