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Clarke, Samuel,

1675–1729, English philosopher and divine. His chief interest was rational theology, and, although a critic of the deists, he was in sympathy with some of their ideas. He supported the theories of Newton and argued with Leibniz in defense of the existence of absolute space. Clarke maintained that ethical law is as constant as mathematical law. His published works include many translations, lectures, sermons, and commentaries. The Leibniz correspondence was published in 1717.
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The letter reveals that Hesilrige was ordered to send 900 men to Samuel Clarke, a ship's master, to be transported to Virginia, where they were to be sold.
I've lived here my whole life, and I never got to come up here," said Kellie Ferguson, 24, who enjoyed poking around with her toddler Samuel Clarke and other family members.
Sarah Hutton questions the extent to which Chatelet was antipathetic to Samuel Clarke, Clarke having been a key figure in the polarization of Newtonian and Leibnizian camps, whereas Chatelet attempted to reconcile them in the Institutions.
Most of his grand projects were not completed, George I declined to invite him to England, and the calculus priority dispute escalated in accusations of plagiarism, though it also gave rise to the penetrating correspondence between Leibniz and Samuel Clarke.
Working against MacDonald's claims that "Anglican works on the consolation of religious melancholy all tended to foreground the medical understanding of melancholic religious thoughts," Schmidt contends instead that advice offered by writers such as Gilbert Burnet and Samuel Clarke "hardly consists of a dismissal of the religious melancholic as a merely medical problem" (100, 101).
LEVEL 2 British Racing School: Ross Atkinson (GL Moore), Benjamin Brackenbury (C Dore), Samuel Clarke (J Mackie), Grace Gostelow (M Tompkins), Amy Horn (A Berry), Stephanie Jahn (Sir M Prescott), Chantelle Lord (M Tompkins), Nikki McCaffrey (M Tompkins), Hannah Nolan (DH Jones), Jake Payne (M Bradley), Alexandra Rowe (N Henderson).
Detective Sergeant Samuel Clarke told the coroner: "Although Mr Porter was the subject of bail, police did not see the threat on his life as a necessary reason to revoke his bail.
They were friendly with the Reverend in the local church, Graeme Samuel Clarke," said defence lawyer Paul Daly.
Russell has no difficulty in showing that the Treatise is best read as a full-frontal attack on the dogmatic metaphysics and rationalist ethics of Samuel Clarke and followers such as Andrew Baxter.
Leibniz and Samuel Clarke on the implications of Sir Isaac Newton's physics to natural theology was the last battle that Leibniz fought with the Newtonians.
Such thinkers included the Arians Samuel Clarke and James Foster as well as Locke and the latitudinarian Hoadly.
The discussion of intellectualist ethics concentrates on the moral theories of Cudworth, Samuel Clarke, William Wollaston, and John Balguy.