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Huntington, Samuel,

1731–96, political leader in the American Revolution, signer of the Declaration of Independence, b. Windham, Conn. He was a delegate (1775–84) to and president (1779–81) of the Continental Congress before serving as governor of Connecticut (1786–96).


See A. E. Waugh, Samuel Huntington and His Family (1968).

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Scholars who suggest that the processes of economic liberalization are conducive to democratization include Samuel Huntington, The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1991); Larry Diamond, "Economic Development and Democracy Reconsidered," American Behavioral Scientist 35,4 (March-June, 1992), 450-499; and Carlos Waisman, "Capitalism, the Market, and Democracy," American Behavioral Scientist 35,4 (March-June, 1992), 500-516.
In his brief treatment of Arab-Islamic culture, Samuel Huntington has rightly concluded that, "Islamic doctrine thus contains elements that may be both congenial and uncongenial to democracy.
En el siglo XXI, afirma Samuel Huntington, esta situacion va a cambiar totalmente.
Whether the construct is the objective control posed by Samuel Huntington or the unequal dialogue of Eliot Cohen, the discussion largely focuses on how the civilian sector influences the actions of the military.
Ya ha pasado bastante tiempo desde aquel famoso planteamiento teorico de Samuel Huntington (1993), el "choque de civilizaciones", que se propago como el escenario posible para el futuro de la humanidad.
Trump ha traido desde ultratumba a Samuel Huntington y su proverbial prejuicio contra los inmigrantes, sobre todo si se trata de mexicanos irredentos, es decir, que no quieren o no pueden aprender ingles, que son flojos, corruptos, mugrosos y ademas de catolicos, guadalupanos.
Samuel Huntington guaranteed he would be remembered unkindly by progressives when he dedicated his last two books to distinctly politically incorrect themes.
In essence, Campbell and Auerswald continue a dialogue started more than 50 years ago by Samuel Huntington, Morris Janowitz, and Samuel Finer.
Major General William Rapp's "Civil-Military Relations: The Role of Military Leaders in Strategy Making," describes shortcomings in the civil-military relations model advanced by Samuel Huntington, and suggests how military leaders can move beyond it to provide the best possible military advice to our political leaders.
In an essay in 1989, Harvard scholar Samuel Huntington noted that the United States was experiencing its fifth wave of this kind of pessimism since the 1950s.
The project at PS40Q, also known as Samuel Huntington School, located in the Jamaica section of Queens, is representative of the majority of the projects fulfilled for SC A, and is expected to take 10 to 12 months to complete repairs to the exterior masonry walls, decorative stone cornices, parapets, roofs and windows.
Summary: In an influential book in 1991, Samuel Huntington established the "two-turnover" test to distinguish between emerging and consolidated democracies.