San Juan National Forest

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San Juan National Forest

Address:15 Burnett Ct
Durango, CO 81301

Size: 2,500,000 acres.
Location:Southwestern Colorado. Accessible by US 160 and 550. Nearby cities/towns include Cortez, Durango, and Pagosa Springs.
Facilities:39 campgrounds, 8 group camps, dispersed camping, picnic grounds, boat ramps, trails, lookout towers, scenic drives.
Activities:Camping, hunting, fishing, boating, canoeing, water-skiing, hiking, mountain biking, OHV riding, horseback riding, mountain climbing, rock climbing, snowmobiling, interpretive programs.
Special Features:Chimney Rock Archeological Area, landmarked by a prominent spire atop a high mesa and featuring thousand-year-old dwellings of the Ancestral Puebloan people; Treasure Falls, a 105-foot drop of Fall Creek; three large reservoirs: McPhee, Lemon, and Vallecita; six wilderness areas; Durango Mountain Resort. Nearby are Canyon of the Ancients National Monument (on Bureau of Land Management lands) and Mesa Verde National Park (see entry in national parks section).

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American Forests joined with the Native Tree Society, San Juan National Forest (Laurie Swisher), Colorado State Forest Service (Kent Grant), Mountain Studies Institute (Aaron Kimple), Fort Lewis College and others to intensify exploration of the San Juans.
Contract Awarded for Atv/utv for san juan national forest
Eight years after the first restoration project on the San Juan National Forest, the bid price for the trees is up and so is the number of bidders.
No, not down there - up in Colorado's San Juan National Forest.
If you're looking for challenging physical pursuits, you can raft the Animas River, hike the Colorado Trail, or mountain-bike through San Juan National Forest.
Showing the vital link between healthy forests and healthy communities was the goal of AMERICAN FORESTS' recent two-day media field tour in Colorado's San Juan National Forest.
Half-day snowcat sightseeing tours in San Juan National Forest near the ski area run $20.
The Ponderosa Pine Forest Partnership in southwest Colorado is a coalition of county, college, and San Juan National Forest officials who are developing a market for small-diameter timber.

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