San Pablo Bay

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San Pablo Bay:

see San Francisco BaySan Francisco Bay,
50 mi (80 km) long and from 3 to 13 mi (4.8–21 km) wide, W Calif.; entered through the Golden Gate, a strait between two peninsulas. The bay is as deep as 100 ft (30 m) in spots, with a channel 50 ft (15 m) deep maintained through the sandbar off the
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We're very close to San Pablo Bay and have cooler weather than Sonoma and Napa, which gives our grapes a long season to develop.
Proceeds will benefit the Carneros Land Stewardship Foundation, dedicated to the conservation and preservation of habitat in the San Pablo Bay wetlands adjacent to the Carneros region.
Set along the south-facing hillside overlooking San Pablo Bay, the breathtaking site straddles the southern-most tips of Sonoma and Napa Counties.
We do offer earplugs, but very few people ask for them," explains First Mate Ann, who, with her husband, Captain Gary, operates the East Brother Light Station B&B on an island in San Pablo Bay Why earplugs?
Set high into a hilltop at the Southern end of Napa Valley, Artesa Winery offers panoramic views of Carneros' rolling hills, the Vaca Mountains, San Pablo Bay and its own estate vineyards.
Carneros's success is grounded in the area's close proximity to San Pablo Bay, the northernmost part of San Francisco Bay.
Nestled between the coastal mountain ranges of the Sonoma Mountains and on the east by the Mayacamas Mountains, the region stretches north from San Pablo Bay up to the outer limits of the city of Santa Rosa.
The vineyards' high elevation, rugged terrain and proximity to San Pablo Bay create the perfect conditions for the intense, dark fruit flavors of this custom wine, blended solely for The Capital Grille.
The east-facing bare rock magnifies the heat during the day, but nearby San Pablo Bay lowers temperatures, sometimes dramatically, by late afternoon.
As we sailed though Raccoon Strait into San Pablo Bay, Connolly quizzed his pupils on seamanship skills, covering everything from reefing to right-of-way.

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