Sanatorium and Health Resort Treatment

Sanatorium and Health Resort Treatment


therapeutic and preventive medical care provided to the public, primarily based on the use of natural therapeutic factors, including climate, mineral waters, therapeutic muds, and sea bathing. Such treatment also makes use of the newest advances in health resort science and other medical disciplines, including internal medicine. Treatment at sanatoriums and health resorts offers a change from the individual’s usual surroundings; the facility’s geographical location itself is often of therapeutic value.

In the USSR sanatorium and health resort treatment is available only to those who require this type of treatment. It is suitable for those who can get around on their own and take care of themselves. It is contraindicated for those with acute diseases, malignant tumors, complicated pregnancies, or infectious and mental diseases.

Millions of Soviet people receive sanatorium and health resort treatment annually. In other socialist countries, this type of treatment is conducted according to the same principles as in the USSR.

In capitalist countries sanatoriums are operated by private organizations or individuals or by insurance companies or community organizations. They are used mainly for rest and recreation; therapeutic services are provided at a high cost.


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