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a change in sounds depending on their position in a given portion of a text (a word or sentence). The term was introduced by ancient Indian grammarians. Sandhi may be external (at word boundaries) or internal (at morpheme boundaries).

Sandhi presupposes the expansion of sound features into a segment larger than a phoneme, the development of new features, or the loss of a phoneme or of some of its features. Many instances of sandhi are related to various types of neutralization; sandhi is an example of a boundary signal. Certain mor-phophonemic phenomena are attributed to sandhi.


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Entre las caracteristicas tipologicas del mirana se destacan las siguientes: un sistema de tonos complejo que provoca sandhi de tono masivo, una estructura de palabras relativamente polisintetica, un sistema de casos segun el patron nominativo-acusativo y un sistema complejo de clasificacion nominal.
Sandhi does not mean that "two adjoining letters are replaced by a single letter" (432), but is a matter of euphonic rules.
La distincion entre los tonos altos y los tonos bajos que corresponden a la presencia o ausencia de acento en la silaba y los tonos altos y tonos bajos subyacentes asignados lexicamente se pone de manifiesto por ciertas restricciones en la aplicacion de una regla sandhi o de asimilacion tonal que es general en saramaca.
This rule is here still operative beyond the morpheme boundry, or said in an Indic way: the external sandhi is in this case like the internal sandhi.
A; entonces, es de esperar que ocurran geminadas tanto en sandhi interno como en sandhi externo en contextos de silabificacion continua.
Each volume includes a brief introduction to the author or work, a clear guide to Sanskrit pronunciation as well as a concise description of sandhi (that complicated system of "euphonic combination" in the script that drives beginners mad) and a "sandhi grid" (on the inside back cover of each volume), together with succinct but useful notes.
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