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a change in sounds depending on their position in a given portion of a text (a word or sentence). The term was introduced by ancient Indian grammarians. Sandhi may be external (at word boundaries) or internal (at morpheme boundaries).

Sandhi presupposes the expansion of sound features into a segment larger than a phoneme, the development of new features, or the loss of a phoneme or of some of its features. Many instances of sandhi are related to various types of neutralization; sandhi is an example of a boundary signal. Certain mor-phophonemic phenomena are attributed to sandhi.


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However, when the tone in yi35 changes based on the tone of its following word according to tone sandhi rules (cf.
Verbs are subject to a tonal phenomenon in Saramaccan, in particular a sandhi rule that operates depending on certain syntactic conditions, which gives an important insight into the structure (and proper analysis) of the resultative construction.
The sandhi for prajasmakam (-a'- < -as + a-) is irregular but not uncommon in the epic.
The statement taken literally is equally puzzling for Dhivehi unless one limits it to monomorphemic inherited forms, since she goes on to state that consonant clusters in initial or final position must be "of foreign origin" and provides examples of these, as well as examples in sandhi forms.
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cedo 'give here'), that the second-person singular active aorist imperative did not end in *-dhi, I note that Warren Cowgill treated the Greek forms as prevocalic sandhi developments of *[theta] [memberof] [theta] i and * respectively, paralleling [pi][rho][omicron][section] from *[pi][rho][omicron][tau]i.
In his edition, Balcerowicz notes even minor variations in the manuscripts, such as irregular sandhi, punctuation, and, occasionally, spelling.
Moreover, this view ignores the linguistically widespread phenomenon of tonal sandhi, which is expected precisely at word or morpheme boundaries.
Instead of twilight (sandhya), Yijing has heren [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "harmony and patience," which likely corresponds to sandhi "peace.
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