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common name for some members of the Papaveraceae, a family composed chiefly of herbs of the Northern Hemisphere having a characteristic milky or colored sap. Most species are native to the Old World; many are cultivated in gardens for their brilliantly colored if
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Homeosis in floral development of Sanguinaria canadensis and S.
La sua storia personale si sovrappone alla storia del popolo tedesco, colpevole, secondo Rossellini, di aver creduto in un'ideologia sanguinaria e colpevole delle atrocita della guerra, proprio come il dodicenne berlinese che uccide il padre convinto della bonta delle parole dell'ex maestro.
The subtle glories of Erythronium hendersonii, far left, and Pulsatilla vernalis, left; The mellow yellow flowers of Erythronium tuolumnense; A whiter shade of white, not to mention beautiful, tiny blossoms, are what you get with the small but perfectly-formed Sanguinaria canadensis, above
Typical genera of plants with species using this dispersal syndrome include Asarum, Claytonia, Dentaria, Dicentra, Erythronium, Jeffersonia, Sanguinaria, Trillium, and Viola.
The seasonal development, gross structure, ecology, and geographical distribution of Sanguinaria canadensis.
One of the red-letter days of spring is the first sighting of the buds of sanguinaria canadensis, Canadian Bloodroot, emerging through the peaty soil.
Some commercial toothpastes and oral rinses containing Sanguinaria extract are shown to be effective against plaque build-up and gingivitis (Kuftinec et al.
Sanguinaria canadense - Specific for vasomotor disorders, used only in small doses because it is potentially caustic.
Il filo azzurro dell'amore, con cui i registi hanno cucito il legame di Felice e Nora, e quello di Ballaro con i suoi carcerieri, si intreccia all'ordito rosso della violenza sanguinaria del secondo episodio.
Nasdaq: HAUS) announced today it has received purchase orders from Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, the professional oral care products subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive Company, to produce sanguinaria extract, a 100 percent natural antimicrobial in Colgate's Viadent(R) toothpaste and oral rinse products.
A mixture of zinc chloride and the plant Sanguinaria canadensis is applied to the cervix to cause sloughing of abnormal tissue.
La citta di Firenze, ad esempio, con la sua gloriosa aura rinascimentale nasconde, secondo le autrici, una storia di tradimenti politici e violenza sanguinaria.