Sanitary Fixture

Sanitary Fixture


a receptacle for industrial and fecal sewage that is installed in homes and public and industrial buildings. Sanitary fixtures are attached to the interior systems of water pipes and sewerage systems and constitute the main elements of a building’s sanitary engineering equipment.

Sanitary fixtures are installed in different areas. Bathtubs, washstands, shower sumps, traps, and bidets are installed in bathrooms, washrooms, and shower rooms. Toilet bowls, lavatory pans, and urinals of various types, whether equipped with flush tanks or taps, are installed in lavatories. Washers, sinks and drains are installed in kitchens.

Special sanitary fixtures are used in medical institutions, laboratories, bathhouses, barber shops, and beauty salons and on transportation facilities. These fixtures are made from cast iron, ceramics (faience, semiporcelain), sheet steel, nonferrous metals and alloys, or plastics. Cast-iron and steel fixtures are covered with a white or colored vitreous enamel. Ceramic fixtures are covered with glaze, and nonferrous-metal fixtures are electroplated. Sanitary fixtures are equipped with hydrants or faucets that deliver both hot and cold water. They are also equipped with siphons that have water seals to prevent polluted air from entering a room from sewerage pipes.


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Inflow and infiltration are terms used to describe the ways that groundwater and storm water enter a sanitary sewer system, which is a pipe located in the street that is designed to transport wastewater from sanitary fixtures, like sinks, showers, bathtubs, etc.
Before the merger, Ideal Standard Bulgaria produced ceramic sanitary fixtures and Ideal Standard Vidima was specialized in producing bathroom sanitary ware, fittings and accessories.
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